Welly Face Saver Clear Spot Bandages, Hydrocolloid Bandages for Blemishes, 36 Count

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Blemishes? Total bummer. Resist the urge to pick with hydrocolloid pads that seal in moisture to promote healing environment, while keeping out dirt and germs. They’re super discreet for when you want to keep cuts, blemishes and scrapes to yourself. All packed in a portable tin, perfect to bring on any adventure.

Welly is for everyone that was afraid to fall down, fail, get bumped, get scratched and did it anyway. Welly is for the wellness in all of us, however that looks, and for being prepared for whatever comes our way. We wear our bandages like badges of honor for a life fully lived. Our portable first aid kits are packed with essentials, so you have what you need, when you need it. And our signature Welly tins can be reused again and again—the possibilities are endless.


Features & Details

  • 36 count hydrocolloid spot bandages
  • Transparent bandage designed for discreet face coverage
  • Supports moist healing environment for blemishes
  • Tin container that's reusable, recyclable, and dare we say collectible?

How to Use

  1. Clean the affected area and dry thoroughly. Do not use any creams or ointments or the bandage will not adhere properly.
  2. Peel open the face bandage pouch. Remove bandage.
  3. Place the bandage on the desired location. Gently press edges of the bandage with clean and dry fingers for better adhesion
  4. Keep unused bandages in pouch.
  5. Hydrocolloid bandages for face blemishes, cuts, and scrapes
  6. Supports a moist healing environment for blemishes
  7. Seals in moisture and keeps out dirt and germs
  8. Works while you sleep
  9. For use on minor cuts and scrapes
  10. Apply bandage to clean, dry skin
  11. Packaged in a tin container that is reusable, recyclable, and, dare we say, collectible!


  • Brand: Welly
  • Material: Hydrocolloid
  • Manufacture Part No: WLY1009
  • Size: 36 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4 x 2 x 1.7 inches
  • Style: Dots

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