Cruise Essentials USB Colorful Humidifier With Wall plug Bundle

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Cruise Essentials USB Colorful Humidifier With Wall plug Bundle

  • 6 in 1 Multi-Plug Outlet the Outlet Adapters Splitter can add 4 AC (15 Amps) plug outlets and 2 USB ports (2.1A Max), accommodate 6 devices in one time without blocking other outlets, plug adapter ideal for charging all your portable devices.
  • Compact & Portable, mini USB Colorful Humidifier  (1.69''*1.69''*3.74'') is lightweight, only weighing 0.23 of a pound. Easy to carry and save space. The 3-way plug adapter can work well in tight spaces.
  • This travel USB Colorful Humidifier is so easy to use, simply plug it into any USB port and get ready to experience instant relief. Its compact size also makes it perfect for use in small spaces.
  • It includes 3 night light modes, a micro USB to USB-2.0 cord, and cold fine mist with 2 mist levels. Experience up to 12 hours of humidification between refills with the intermittent spray mode.


6-in-1 Wall Outlet Adapter | Mini Cube Extension and Lightweight | Cruise Essentials Mini Humidifier

Cruise Essentials Mini Humidifier. Smaller than your palm, this USB wall outlet is convenient to carry everywhere when you travel. Cruise Essentials Mini Humidifier-

  • Package list
  • 1 x Outlet Extender Charger
  • 1 x User Manual

CruisePaks Mini Ultrasonic Cool Mist Portable USB Humidifier!

Cruise Essentials Mini USB Colorful Humidifier 

This compact and lightweight device is your ultimate solution for dry air when you're on the go. With the power of ultrasonic technology, this cool mist humidifier quickly disperses a fine mist to hydrate any environment.

Cruise Essentials Mini USB Colorful Humidifier . Whether you're heading out on a cruise or just need some extra hydration in your cabin room, this travel ultrasonic humidifier is an essential accessory. With its quick-start feature, you'll be breathing easier in no time. Don't let dry air ruin your travels - try the CruisePaks Mini Ultrasonic Portable USB Colorful Humidifier  today!

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