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Keep your Beach Towels Secure with the Best Beach Towel Band

Going to the beach is a fun way to relax and soak up the sun. But nothing ruins a beach day quite like having your towel blow away in the wind. If this has happened to you before, you know the frustration of chasing after a runaway towel.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution - beach towel bands! By securing your towel to your beach chair, towel bands prevent towels from fluttering off in the breeze. In this article, we'll review one of the best beach chair towel bands on the market - the Adjustable Towel Bands from Cruise Paks.

What are the Adjustable Beach Towel Bands?

The Adjustable towel bands for beach chairs from Cruise Paks are a set of two elastic bands designed to keep your towel anchored to beach chairs, pool chairs, or any lounger. Made of durable yet flexible material, each band stretches to fit most standard chair widths.

Cruise Paks touts their beach towel strap as the ideal accessory for helping you "lounge poolside in comfort, knowing that our cruise towel clips keep your towels firmly anchored." They promise the bands will "never rust, or lose strength" even after prolonged sun exposure.

Key Features of the Adjustable Beach Towel Bands

Here are some of the key features that make the Cruise Paks Adjustable beach chair bands a top choice:

  • Adjustable design: The elastic bands stretch to fit most chairs, from small poolside loungers to big beach chairs. No need to guess at sizes.
  • Secure grip: The textured material inside the bands keeps a firm hold on towels, preventing slippage even on windy days.
  • Durable construction: Made with heavy-duty elastic that won't snap under pressure. The bands are also UV-resistant to withstand the sun.
  • Convenient set: Getting two towels bands in a pack means you can double up for extra security or have a spare on hand.
  • Affordable price: At just $9.99 for the set of two, the towel bands deliver simplicity and security without breaking the budget.

With features like these, it's clear why the Cruise Paks Adjustable beach towel with strap continue receiving rave reviews from happy customers. Their simple yet effective design has solved the frustrations of many beachgoers.

Comparing Towel Band Styles

While elastic is the most popular material for adjustable rubber band chairs due to its stretch and security, some alternatives exist. Two notable options include:

Bungee Cord Bands: Made of thick elastic cord, these provide very sturdy grip but less flexibility for varying chair widths. Also bulkier than flat elastic bands.

Rope or Webbed Nylon Bands: Offers an adjustable knotted closure like a belt. More versatile sizing but can come loose more easily than closed-loop elastic designs.

The table below summarizes key attributes of the three main towel band styles:






Elastic Bands

Stretchy rubber/plastic blend

High - fits range of chairs

Very secure grip

Least bulky

Bungee Cord Bands

Thick elastic cord

Medium - limited stretch

Most sturdy hold

Bulkier than flat elastic

Rope/Nylon Bands

Adjustable knotted closure

High - for any item/furniture

Potential for loosening

Medium bulk depending on rope thickness

As the table shows that chair elastic bands - like the Cruise Pak model - work well for most portable and everyday beach towel securing needs.

Why Choose Towel Bands Over Other Options?

If you're new to using towel straps, you may wonder why they're preferable to alternative methods for keeping towels in place. Here are a few reasons towel bands often come out on top:

  • No knots to untie: Some people use loops of rope or straps to tie towels down, but this requires effort to secure and remove. Bands slip on/off with ease.
  • Won't blow away: Loose strings or straps can flutter away ‌in a stiff breeze. Bands form a closed loop that stays put even in windy conditions.
  • Less bulk: Compared to bungee cords or heavy-duty ropes, slender elastic bands take up minimal space on chairs without being an irritant.
  • Quick drying: Should bands get splashed by a wave or accidentally dropped in water, their material dries more rapidly than alternatives like cotton ropes.
  • Child-safe: No small detachable parts like toggles or buckles for little ones to accidentally choke on. Bands are one solid loop.

In short, adjustable towel bands provide an efficient, sturdy, and streamlined way to keep beach towels exactly where they need to be - so you don't have to!

FAQs About Beach Towel Bands

Q: Do the bands fit all chair and lounger widths?

A: The elastic material allows the Adjustable Towel Bands to stretch to accommodate most standard chair structures. They may not work on unusually narrow or wide furnishings.

Q: How long will the bands last?

A: Cruise Paks says their bands are built to endure sun, sand, and chlorine without degradation. Most customers report the bands maintaining shape and elasticity for years with proper care and storage between uses.

Q: Are the bands resistant to water?

A: While not fully waterproof, the bands can withstand intermittent splashes or brief submersions. Allow to air dry if soaked to prevent loss of elasticity over time in damp conditions.

Q: Can I use the bands on beach blankets too?

A: Yes, the adjustable design lets you secure any fabric item like a beach blanket or picnic cloth to chairs as well. Just stretch the band fully around both chair and blanket edges.

Q: Where can I buy replacement bands?

A: Additional sets are available direct from Cruise Paks for stocking up. Many buyers report the original bands remained in great condition long after the expected lifespan.

With dependable performance and affordable value, the Cruise Paks Adjustable Beach Towel Bands provide a clever solution for securely lazing about at the beach, pool, or cruise ship. Give them a try on your next sun-filled getaway!

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