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Cruise Tips

What to Bring on A Cruise

by joseph Ontiveros 16 Jul 2019

1. Passport, Birth Certificate & ID. A Passport or Birth Certificate is essential when boarding a Cruise Ship. However, If you don’t have a passport, For closed-loop cruises (AKA those that both start and end at the same U.S. port), a copy of your birth certificate should be plenty of I.D. Just Verify with your Cruise Line in advance to make sure your form of ID is valid. 

2. Carry-on. There is an option to have your luggage delivered to your room; if you opt-in for this you will want to have a carry-on bag for essentials such as Prescriptions, Medicine, First Aid Products, SunScreen, Swimsuit, Change of clothes, Phone Charger, and anything else you may need for the day or until your bags are delivered. 

3. First-Aid. We highly recommend bringing a first aid kit of some sort just in case anything is to happen such as cuts, insect bites, Oral Pain, Fever, or any other small injury.

4. Medicine. Aside from your Passport/Birth Certificate/I.D. and Clothes, Medicine should be the next highest priority. Most people don't realize until it's too late, but, the ship's store and onboard clinic charge outrageous prices for medicine. (~$15 for a small pack of cough-drops) Medicine for Pain Fever,/ Allergies, Cold/Cough, Upset Stomach, Energy/Recovery, are a must. 

5. Charger. If you pay for a WIFI package you can use your devices just as you normally would. This helps with contacting anyone on or off the boat easily, but it's hard to do if your phone is dead. 

These are just some of the items you should definitely bring onto your cruise. Remember, Cruise Lines will over-charge for nessacary products. You're there to have fun! Not Pay $ 100 for First-aid/Medicine.

That's why we made a pre-built Cruise Ready kit that includes all the First aid, Medicine and emergency items you could need. Trust us, We have tons of cruise experience, 1 Visit to the On-board clinic could cost you well over $100; even if it's just for a small cut. It Pays to be Cruise Ready.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us or check out our pre-made Cruise Kit here: Our Cruise Ready First aid & Essentials kit. 

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